Monday, June 3, 2013

What's an image file?

A user is having trouble putting up a new banner on a Blackboard course page.  They email me saying "I tried to attach this but it is not showing now.  Can you help me?" but they don't attach anything to let me know what the "this" is.

I write back to the user and ask "What is the "this"?" to which they reply "It gave me an option to attach “this” the banner.  I created a banner in word but it is not showing me it."  They have still failed to provide me with any information about what the "this" is.

I finally call the user and ask them what file type they are trying to attach and find out that they are trying to attach a word document as the banner.  I try to explain that word documents (docx files) are not image files. I also point out that the word document that was created is an 8.5x11 document so it wouldn't be the most appropriate shape for a banner.

Seriously, how do people not know what image file is?  It's 2013!

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