Thursday, May 16, 2013

Please read the directions

Yesterday, I got a call asking for help setting up a Blackboard page.  I set up the page, enrolled the user with the necessary permissions and sent them a helpful link on how to enroll other users.

Today, I get an email telling me that they are unable to enroll the students into the class and can I please create accounts for the students so that she can enroll them.

I call her back, ask her if she can send me the list of students she couldn't enroll and I'll make sure they get their accounts created.  I call the central office that creates the accounts and ask if they can generate these accounts.  Central calls me back and says "those accounts already exist."

I take a look in the system and sure enough those accounts already exist.  A light goes off in my head.  She didn't...she couldn't have meant...yup.  I suddenly realize that instead of using the big "Add Enrollments" button that is mentioned in the "how to" the user has been using the search box designed to find users already enrolled in the class.
Once again, totally my fault...why?  Because for a brief moment I thought a user might actually read directions.  Silly me.

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